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  • Large Shipping Containers

Constructing a building or house can be costly—and it can cost even more when you decide to expand down the line.

You’d have another set of materials and labour to pay for, and you’d have to stay somewhere else or stop operations while the construction is going on.

Instead of having to deal with all that however, why not opt for modified shipping containers instead?

Built for Expansion

That’s right, custom shipping containers can be the perfect answer to your building expansion needs. With shipping container buildings, expansion is as easy as adding another container either upward or outward. You won’t have to spend as much as you would when building another structure from the ground up, and you wouldn’t have to move or stop operations for long since container units can be modified off-site.

Indeed, shipping containers are great options for buildings when you plan on expanding later on. This can be great for businesses just starting out but looking to grow in the future. Shipping containers have already proven to be wonderful options for pop-up stores, outdoor cafés and food stalls, but they can also be excellent choices as business headquarters. As your business and budget grows, you simply need to add another container or two to your existing building to give your growing business the space it needs.

Not Just for Businesses

But shipping containers are not just ideal building options for growing businesses. They’re perfect for growing families too.

These days there are many households that have several different generations all living under one roof. To give older children or ageing parents their own space, independence and privacy without having to leave the property, a container space is a practical choice. It’s also a great option for small families who are expecting new additions and therefore need more space.

Not into the look of shipping containers? Not a problem. Designs for shipping container homes today can be as stylish and modern as regular homes– you’ll find it hard to believe they’re made of containers at all! All it takes is some shipping container modifications and the right design and floor plan.

Pick a Reliable Partner

If expansion is where you’re headed, you really can’t go wrong with a modified shipping container home or building. However, you need to make sure that you partner with an experienced and reliable container company, otherwise you run the risk of ending up with a shabby container space. At Tiger Containers, we specialise in customising containers and turning them into your ideal living and working spaces. We take care of everything: electricity, flooring, doorways, windows, lighting and temperature control so you can live and work comfortably in your new container space.

Give us a call today on 1800 072 039 to know more about our modified shipping containers for sale and our container customisation services.

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