For some purposes, buying a new build shipping container is more ideal than getting a used one. A brand new cargo container offers several benefits that a second-hand container might not be able to deliver.

At Tiger Containers we have an awesome range of brand new shipping containers to suit all your requirements, and it all starts with the size you need.

Shipping Container Sizes

Newly built shipping containers are available in three common sizes:

  1. 10ft
  2. 20ft
  3. 40ft

The sizing is not as rigid as that of used shipping containers as you have the option to have your container custom built to the size most suitable for your needs.

Common variations include:

green standard shipping container

  1. High cube - These can be of any length: 10ft, 20ft or 40ft, but instead of the standard height of 2.59m, high cubes are designed to offer more headroom with a height of 2.90m for added capacity. That’s about one extra foot. Other than their taller build these containers resemble regular shipping containers in all other ways.
  2. Open tops - Most commonly a variation for 20ft and 40ft containers, this modification is included to allow the shipping container have a removable roof for increased flexibility in loading and offloading of cargo, as well as room for very tall cargo.
  3. Flat racks - These are containers with no roof and collapsible skeletal sides mostly used for transporting out of gauge cargo and machinery that would otherwise not fit in any other container for one reason or another.



white standard shipping container

  • High-quality all-steel construction for extended durability and ruggedness.
  • Lashing points with which to secure cargo.
  • Marine-grade paint treatment for improved protection against rust and the elements.
  • Forklift pockets for easy handling.
  • ISO specifications for universal handling compatibility.
  • Heavy-duty double-swing doors (where applicable).
  • Quality durable timber flooring (where applicable).

The container can also be built to include other features such as side opening doors or rolling doors instead of the original swinging doors; or anything else you require.

New shipping containers can be used for any of the following purposes:

green cargo container

  1. Shipping - This is what shipping containers do best, and new build shipping containers will be able to do this longer while providing enhanced protection for cargo.
  2. Storage - This is another area where shipping containers excel and having a new one will enhance this capability.
  3. Conversion - New shipping containers can be converted into a myriad of container products including restaurants, homes, workshops and many other things.



Using a new shipping container is beneficial in the following ways:

  1. Durability - A new shipping container has no wear and will last longer than a used one. This is because they will not have been exposed to some of the rough conditions faced by their second-hand counterparts.
  2. No history/contaminants - Sometimes the items to be stored or transported in the shipping container might be sensitive to contamination. A new shipping container gives you a “clean slate” and you don’t have to worry about what was previously transported in it.
  3. Aesthetics - With a new shipping container, everything is intact from the paint to the timber flooring. You will not find any scuffs or dents, making them ideal for applications where looks are important.
  4. Seaworthiness - New shipping containers meet all the requirements for seaworthiness, making them ideal for shipping.



These are a couple of new build shipping containers with side doors, windows, air vents and whirlybirds. You can clearly see in the photos how effective these sometimes necessary modifications are.

white shipping containers interior
white shipping containers interior

white shipping containers interior
white shipping containers interior
green shipping containers


The customer wanted to customise them to these specific colours. Needless to say yet another happy customer of Tiger Containers.

Think Tiger Containers for Brand New Shipping Containers

Tiger Containers constructs and supplies high-quality new build cargo containers for delivery anywhere in Australia. We also have the expertise to incorporate any feature or accessory you require to make the container more suitable for your needs.

Contact us for enquiries, our team will gladly answer all your questions.

multicolour standard shipping container

multicolour standard shipping container

multicolour standard shipping container

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