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Take a look at our favourite container conversions. In the modern world, the humble shipping container is no longer just reserved for the transporting of cargo or the storage of products and goods. These days cargo containers – because of their very sturdy construction and stackability – are being converted to serve all manner of purposes, including things like:

10 uses of shipping containers

In this post, we’ll be taking an illustrated look at some of our favourite shipping container conversions in Australia in no particular order. Some of the designs are functional, making maximum use of available space, other designs are quirky and clever, while some are simply stunning.

It’s amazing the results you can achieve with a little bit of imagination and the help of a talented designer.

#1 – 50 Square Metre Shipping Container Home In Gippsland, Victoria

Amy and Richard conceived the idea of creating a home in rural Victoria after a trip to London and Cornwall. With many Europeans living in a smaller space, the couple decided to minimalize their own lives so they could be more freed up for overseas travel.

The result is a 50 square metre shipping container home that is easy to clean and extremely low on maintenance. What they’re most happy with is both how their shipping container home turned out, and the budget cost of having it constructed.50 Square Metre Shipping Container Home In Gippsland, VictoriaSource - https://www.domain.com.au/living/we-live-in-a-shipping-container-inside-amy-and-richards-unusual-home-20180323-h0xq48/

#2 – Palatial Brisbane Home Made From 31 Shipping Containers

Designed and created by Ziegler Build in Brisbane, this magnificent residential property is comprised of a mammoth 31 shipping containers. It’s a 3 level home that combines some stunning architecture, whilst maintaining the look and integrity of the shipping containers used in the build.

The result is a very unique home that looks modern, chic and is truly palatial in size. It even includes a beautiful saltwater swimming pool.

Palatial Brisbane Home Made From 31 Shipping ContainersSource - https://www.homestolove.com.au/7-shipping-container-homes-you-wont-believe-13740

#3 – The Hinterland Luxury Container Home

This stunning 450 square metre container home is super spacious, with a massive 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a patio al fresco dining area, loft and office space. This home is comprised of 7 x 40ft shipping containers but has been laid out in such a way that it's used the floor space equivalent to 12 40ft containers.

This home is fully lined inside and out, totally masking the fact that it’s actually constructed from steel cargo containers. It’s almost impossible to tell if you didn’t already know.

The Hinterland Luxury Container HomeSource - https://www.containerbuildgroup.com.au/luxury-container-homes/hinterland-luxury-home/

#4 – The Coffee Box Shipping Container Cafe

This is a trendy and chic little cafe located inside the Redcliffe Hospital in Brisbane. It has been designed in such a way that it’s mobile and can readily be relocated to a new venue.

Constructed from the shell of a used 20ft shipping container, the interior design was formulated to maximise the limited space. This popular shipping container size is the perfect fit for a small, portable, pop-up cafe, with just enough room for display cabinets, bench, staff and coffee machine.

The result is a small cafe that makes a bold statement and is certainly a talking point.

The Coffee Box Shipping Container CafeSource - https://www.esgeejoinery.com.au/coffee-box/

#5 – Happy as Larry Pop-Up Pizzeria

Sydney foodies have really taken to shipping container conversions and hopped on the pop-up mobile shop concept.

Happy as Larry is a mobile pop-up pizzeria, made from a 20ft shipping container and attached to the back of a truck. This gourmet pizza kitchen can go literally anywhere in Sydney and has proven to be a real hit with the locals grabbing a bite to eat on the go.

This pizzeria uses the traditional Napoli style of wood firing pizzas, delivering a unique taste and pizza experience all over the city. It really is an eye-catching design that has people talking every time the truck rolls past. It’s even decked out with bright neon lights and a sound system, so diners enjoy the ultimate pizza pleasure.

Happy as Larry Pop-Up PizzeriaSource - http://modulatecontainers.com.au/restaurants/pop-up-pizzeria-makes-sydneysiders-happy-as-larry/#more-877

#6 – Hip Collingwood Pizza Restaurant and Bar

Nestled in a warehouse in the hip inner-city suburb of Collingwood in Melbourne is a combination pizza joint and bar called the “Rupert On Rupert”. Melbourne is famous for its fine dining, bar culture, and quaint cafes to be discovered all across the city, and when the owners of Rupert On Rupert built their establishment out of recycled shipping containers, it was an instant hit.

The result is a somewhat modern industrial look that appeals to an urban crowd seeking out a cool place that offers something unique and a little different.

Finished in a deep marine blue hue, the bar area itself still somewhat resembles the structure’s former life as a shipping container, but with a distinct touch of class that makes you want to order a glass of your favourite beverage.

The dining area is spacious and the owners have really created an intriguing place for friends and work colleagues to gather in one of the little laneways in Collingwood.

Hip Collingwood Pizza Restaurant and BarSource - http://modulatecontainers.com.au/restaurants/pizza-joint-tops-off-interior-design-with-shipping-containers/#more-684

#7 – The Mobile McLaren Vale Promotional Bar

Treasury Wine was seeking a unique design for a mobile bar experience. The result was a stunning little bar that can be set up on-site in just 30 minutes. The idea of the bar is not only to service the public, but to be a promotional tool for Rosemount Estate wines.

Hydraulics allow easy opening and closing of the bar, and minimal staff is required to run it.

Rustic timber decking has been used for the service and drinking areas, and the little bar is so mobile that it can virtually be situated anywhere, even right next to the beach.

The Mobile McLaren Vale Promotional BarSource - http://www.customcargo.com.au/Rosemount

The Takeaway

Because of their robust and modular design, solid steel construction and straight lines, shipping containers can be modified and refitted for just about any purpose. All it really takes is a good idea, some working capital and a great designer and remodeler to turn a dream into a reality.

The 7 favourite container conversions examples listed in this post represent just a snippet of what’s possible. We are really only limited by the scope of our imaginations.