Two things have become increasingly popular in Australian culture. The first is the man cave and, more recently, the rise of the she shed. The man cave gives guys an opportunity to do their thing, and it’s the same for women and the she shed.

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It’s all about having some personal space where you can do the stuff you like to do without annoying the rest of the household, as well as getting a bit of space and privacy.

shipping container granny flat

Man caves and she sheds or as we used to call them garden sheds can even help improve relationships, and in some extreme cases, maybe help save them!

Sometimes these “sanctuaries” might be a certain room in the home, like the study, a den or the garage, but more often they are a stand-alone structure in the backyard.

A guy who has a workshop out in the backyard shed might consider this to be his man cave, so it doesn’t have to be about decking it out with a leather sofa or lounges, bars, pool tables and big-screen TVs. It could be used for any purpose that allows you to do your thing and get a bit of privacy. Some may use it as an art studio, workspace or a craft shed, whatever you decide it will be your perfect space.

So, what are some options for putting together a man cave or she shed in the backyard?

Well, you could go the more conventional route and have a room or shed built by a builder, or you could choose a faster, easier and more cost-effective route and build one from a shipping container.

These days people build all sorts of things from shipping containers, such as:

As you can see by the list above (which doesn’t cover every possibility), shipping containers have fast become the most versatile building material of the 12st Century, so why not take advantage of them to build a she shed or man cave today?

Let’s take a brief look at some of the advantages of building with shipping containers so you can clearly see why they are a good choice if you plan on constructing a man cave or she shed in your yard.

Shipping Container Builds Save You Money

There are numerous advantages to building with shipping containers, hence why it’s become so popular. One of the most popular advantages is saving money on the build without compromising build quality and materials.

Shipping containers are a big metal box made from very solid and rigid steel. When used as the basis for a new room - such as a she shed or man cave - you already know it’s going to be strong, as well as having most of the basic structure already in place.

Shipping containers themselves don’t really cost much even when they’re new, and if you opt for a quality used container, they are even cheaper again.

It’s really just a matter of making a few modifications to the container so it suits your needs and is comfortable, preparing the ground it rests on, and hooking up electricity to it (and possibly plumbing). After that, you just deck it out how you wish.

To build the she shed or man cave the conventional way would require the entire construction be built from scratch, which is far more expensive.

Building With Shipping Containers Is Fast

In the section above we established that you’ll save money because the bulk of the construction already exists in the form of the shipping container. Well, an added advantage to tack onto that is the speed with which your cave or shed can be built.

Most of the hard work is already done when you buy the container. It has walls, a floor and a ceiling. It just needs to be modified, maybe a few windows put in, a more conventional entrance door, some insulation, wall panelling, and tiles or carpet on the floor.

The majority of the mods can be done off-site at the container modifier’s workshop and delivered and installed on your property.

How simple is that.

Once the modified container arrives, it’ll be positioned on the slab and an electrician can then hook up power to your brand-new man cave or she shed. From there you can fill it with the items and furniture you need.

Shipping Containers Are Built To Last

The really fantastic thing about shipping containers, and we’ve touched on it earlier, is that they are super strong and built to last. After all, they’ve been designed to carry and house heavy loads and endure the rigours of lengthy sea travel, as well as being constantly loaded and unloaded with cranes, forklifts and gantries. They also travel long distances on the backs of trucks.

The point being, if you decide to build your she shed or man cave from a shipping container (or two), you know you have a room that is really going to last for a long time. You’ll have complete peace of mind even during severe weather events.

Your Man Cave Or She Shed Can Be Mobile

Chances are you’ll quite easily be able to move your man cave or she shed if you decide to relocate. Just pack everything up like you would inside your home when you’re about to move, have the power to it disconnected and have a container company come and collect your stand-alone structure to move it to its new location.

Just have the ground prepared at your new home and an electrician on standby to connect the power when your converted container arrives.

That’s another really important point to note about building a she shed or man cave from a shipping container. You don’t have to leave it behind when you move.

The Takeaway

If you’re planning on building any sort of stand-alone room in your backyard like a man cave or she shed, this post has illustrated why choosing to build with shipping containers should be your first choice. There are just so many advantages that you’d be crazy not to.

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