If you think all shipping containers are alike, think again.

While all shipping containers may have the same shape, same standard sizes and materials, they aren’t all the same. What makes them special and different from one another? Accessories. That’s right, shipping container accessories can mean a big difference between your run-of-the-mill container and a unique, ready-for-use container.

What are these accessories you ask?

  • Padlocks - A shipping container padlock is a must-have accessory for any shipping container, and especially ones that contain valuable items.
  • Lock Box - A lockbox is a next level in shipping container locks. It’s placed over the prominent shipping container door locks and keeps them from being damaged or tampered with.
  • Vents - Vents can be placed on any wall of the shipping container and helps to increase air circulation while naturally decreasing the temperature inside the container. They can also disperse odours from inside the container.
  • Whirlybirds - These are rotating vents placed on top of the container that assists in natural ventilation and cooling.
  • Doors - There are a variety of doors that can be installed on a shipping container. Which one to install depends on what the container will be used for and how. You can have single or double doors, roller doors or sliding doors. These doors not only allow easy access for people or bulky goods but can also serve as additional exit/entry points and extra sources of natural light.
  • Windows - Like doors, windows can be installed on the shipping container walls and can come with flaps, security bars or flyscreens. Windows provide ventilation, natural lighting and a clear line of sight to the outdoors. They can also improve the aesthetics of a converted shipping container.
  • Shelves - Shelving helps to maximise the space inside a container and keep contents organised. They can be fixed or removable depending upon your usage and needs.
  • Desks and Benches - These can be installed in the container for added seating or a workspace.
  • Ramps - These are useful for the entry and exit of large items, trolleys and wheelbarrows. They can be fixed or removable depending upon your need.

Other Essential Features

Aside from all these accessories, containers can also come with:

  • Electricity - When you need power inside the container, an electrical fit-out can easily be added following national electrical regulations.
  • Air Conditioning - For containers turned into living or working spaces, air conditioning is a must. It ensures maximum comfort inside the container and can be built to fit in the container or placed in a retractable frame.
  • Plumbing - A plumbing system transforms a container into its own, portable building. This can include sinks, toilets and showers, and even a hot water system.
  • Custom Paint and/or Signage - A custom paint job is great for containers not only because it makes them look new and more attractive but also because it can prolong the lifespan of the unit. Signage can also be painted on the sides of the container to promote a brand or company.

So what would you like to add to your container to make it uniquely your own? Whatever it may be, you can trust Tiger Containers to do those customisations for you. We specialise in all types of container customisations and accessories, from air conditioning to security locks for shipping containers. Get in touch with Tiger Containers today to get started.

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