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  • Large Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are getting new uses after retirement from their original job (transportation) creating beautiful and useful structures. In this post, we shall be looking at some of the shipping container conversion stories that have made news headlines recently.

Food market in North Vancouver

Foodies from Vancouver have a reason to get excited as a new project to construct a unique marketplace from shipping containers is underway. The market – designed to be an open-air food market – will comprise 23 shipping containers set on a 100,000-square-foot waterfront lot.

Hawkers wharf (as it will be known) aims at helping local food businesses by giving them an affordable place to set up and launch small food shops and restaurants. (Source:

San Diego Shipping Container Home

We’ve covered quite a few shipping container homes in the past, but with new designs and concepts being developed every day, we are bound to stumble upon new ones that catch our attention. This luxury home in San Diego, CA uses recycled shipping containers for its construction, but you can’t tell at a glance.

The 1,920-square-foot luxurious house is covered by eye-catching stained pine throughout its exterior to give it that traditional look people are more accustomed to. The house has been listed for sale for a whopping US$799,000. This once again proves that shipping containers can be used for more than basic shelters.


Shipping container farm

This is perhaps the latest trend in shipping container conversions whereby urbanites are using shipping containers to create farms in cities where farming land is not available. Plants planted in shipping container farms aren’t grown in soil but instead utilise a technology known as hydroponics where nutrients are dissolved in water.

Since the shipping container is fitted with LED lights and protects the plants from the elements, crop production can be carried out all year long. A single farm can produce more than 4,000 heads of lettuce a month.

Check out a video on this at:

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