The concept of using shipping containers for anything other than, well, shipping may seem rather bizarre. But then again, so is selling Christmas stock in stores from September. 

While shipping containers were intended to revolutionise the shipping and trade industry, their potential for more widespread uses is increasingly recognised. Their technical and infrastructural advancements mean they can be repurposed for many different uses and have since been used to build large-scale homes, mobile food outlets, or even pop-up retail stores

The intense planning that is often expected and required leading up to Christmas can be extremely overwhelming. So we are here to offer you a few ways shipping containers can make your life easier around this hectic time of year, allowing you more time to spend with family and friends.  

1. Gift a Container

The phrase ‘massive steel box’ is not what likely comes to mind when you think of a Christmas gift. However, shipping containers can be pretty affordable and a thoughtful gift to kickstart someone’s dream of starting a new project. 

If one of your friends or family members wants to start a new passion project but doesn’t know where to begin, a shipping container could be their green light. Check with their family or partner for approval first, as it is a rather large gift to be given.

Gifting your family a shipping container could even be a great start to a project you could all work on together. Or, if you are feeling extra generous, you could gift an already converted shipping container. Our blog is filled with more creative shipping container ideas to inspire you this gifting season. 

2. Outdoor BBQ Shelter

The Christmas period often revolves around food, where people come together to celebrate while enjoying a home-cooked meal. However, as beautiful as this often is, it can be challenging to cater to many people at home. 

Hiring a caterer can be an option but is often tricky around the busy Christmas period and especially on Christmas day. As the weather can be quite unpredictable, a shipping container repurposed into an outdoor BBQ shelter is a great option to ensure you don’t have to give up your beloved summer Christmas BBQ. Containers are often used as commercial food stalls, so why not turn yours into a private one? 

3. Christmas Party Venue

If entertaining and event planning gets you excited, a shipping container could very well be the perfect structure to pull your next plan together. Shipping containers are often used for public events, as their portability makes them easy to transport to any destination. 

Their basic design and structure make them easily customisable to your liking, giving you complete creative and aesthetic freedom. So whether you are organising a sit-down dinner, karaoke party, or mingling event this Christmas, a shipping container could be the perfect vessel to host your party.

4. Quick Accommodation

Christmas is often a time when family and friends come from near and far to celebrate. While it is great to spend as much time as possible together, sometimes it is just not possible to house everyone in your home. 

Shipping containers are often transformed into grand modular homes, but they can also be repurposed into temporary and comfortable living spaces. A single container can fit a small living area, bed, and even kitchenette for self-prepared meals. 

It is ultimately a cheap way to house your family while keeping them close to home and the Christmas celebrations, without compromising your own house space. Assembling the home is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is transport it to your location, insulate it, and move in any furniture. Then, when your family does leave once Christmas is over, you reuse it for a multitude of other projects until next Christmas rolls around. 

5. Kitchen Room or Chiller

Without a doubt, food is a massive part of Christmas celebrations for many Australians. However, when preparing food for and feeding many people, finding a place to store the food can be challenging. 

Shipping containers can be transformed into kitchen rooms and chillers for your very own portable catering zone. This is perfect if you entertain regularly or have a large group coming over this Christmas. Take a look at one of our modifications for inspiration.

6. Store Your Christmas Decorations

While you aren’t using the shipping container for celebratory events, you can use it to store Christmas decorations and other objects lying around your home for the remainder of the year. 

Not to mention just how nosy kids can be around Christmas time. As a large steel box is not particularly enticing to any child, storing their Christmas gifts in the container can ensure you keep them a surprise until Christmas morning. 


What Container to Get?

Different types of shipping containers exist with various features and for a range of purposes. The most common sizes are 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Depending on your intended use, the options include:

  1. Standard Container: An all-purpose container that is most commonly used to transport cargo or for storage.
  2. Refrigerated Container: Can store goods at a constant temperature.
  3. Reefer Container: Temperature can be fully adjusted, including using the container as a giant freezer.
  4. Side Opening Shipping Container: Handy for loading large items and for fast loading.
  5. Flat Rack Container: Are like a piece of flat-pack furniture. It can be fully disassembled when the container is not in use.
  6. On-Site Office: They have been remodeled somewhat and will contain windows and often a desk bolted to the floor or wall

Rent or Purchase?

There are many considerations to be made when deciding whether to buy or hire a shipping container. It is essential to consider them not only for your Christmas plans.


Hiring a shipping container is an excellent choice if your Christmas plans require:
  • No structural changes to the container
  • Shipment of goods
  • Short term storage of gifts or decorations
  • One purpose/use 
  • Temporary accommodation


Purchasing could be more ideal around Christmas time if you:
  • Regularly entertain large groups at Christmas time
  • Require many different uses for the container
  • Want to make modifications to the container  
  • Long term storage 

As Christmas comes around every year, customising your shipping container depending on the celebratory event can be extremely handy and time-saving. 

The versatility of shipping containers continues to increase as technology advances, and we get more creative. So no matter your Christmas plans, a shipping container can help relieve some of the stress and ensure you cover all bases throughout such a busy period.

For more information on how to repurpose your shipping container, visit our blog. Tiger Containers are dedicated to helping you optimise your shipping container use and celebrate Christmas in comfort and with ease.