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Everyone dreams of owning a home where they can raise a family or enjoy their sunset days. But with skyrocketing real estate prices, this dream is becoming harder for a lot of people to achieve. And it’s not just in Brisbane where the cost of homes is moving beyond most people’s reach, it’s a national problem. It is becoming very expensive to own a home in Australia.

According to a recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Australian housing market is among the most expensive worldwide. The IMF’s Global Housing Watch ranked Australia as the third least affordable place to own a home – after Belgium and Canada.


With housing prices soaring above the ability of many Australians, people are starting to look elsewhere for more affordable alternatives. The shipping container is one such option.

Shipping containers are not new to us. They have been around for several decades now and have transformed international trade to the efficient machinery we have come to greatly rely on. It is their proven durability, affordability and availability that have made shipping containers one of the best options for affordable home construction.

The booming international trade has ensured that affordable shipping containers are easily accessible from almost any part of the world.

Recycling shipping containers is not a novel idea. It is something that has been going on for as long as shipping containers have existed. Use was however limited to makeshift shacks, on-site offices and storage spaces. It is only recently that shipping containers have captured the eyes of architects who are now designing magnificent homes with shipping containers as the major construction material.

ZieglerBuild’s Shipping Container home in Graceville

After his house had been damaged by floods, Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild decided to construct a house that could withstand future floods without breaking the bank. He teamed up with his wife, an artist, to design and build what is now one of the biggest shipping container homes in Australia.

The house, which is styled as a mansion, was constructed from 31 recycled shipping containers that were carefully stacked to create the masterpiece. The house features four large bedrooms split over two levels, with one level being entirely taken up by the master bedroom. Four bathrooms, an indoor gymnasium, a two car garage, a saltwater pool, a workshop and art space are some of the house’s other features.

This three-story project took about five months to transform from an idea into a real house that people could live in. All the containers used for the project were recycled after one trip with each container expected to last for about 25 – 30 years.


It’s not only in Brisbane where shipping containers have found this new lease on life. Shipping containers are generally gaining prominence in home construction all over the world. Other shipping container homes worth noting around the world include:

Golany Architects’ Two-Tree House

Located in Jerusalem, this shipping container home incorporates mature Jerusalem pine trees into its design to create a structure that blends in with nature. The trees provide natural air conditioning and shield the house from harmful sun rays that would cause damage to the exterior deck and wood.

Most of the customisations were done offsite before the prefabricated structures were transported to the site and laid on an already build foundation. The necessary mason work and application of the timber cladding were done later.


CG Architects’ Crossbox House.

This French development features three bedrooms, a kitchen, spacious living room and two bathrooms.  The house is about 1,119 ft2 and is built as if to defy gravity. The house was built by the architects as an example of a low-cost housing alternative in comparison to standard homes in the area.


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