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  • Large Shipping Containers

Food trucks were once a hot “must visit” destination. You can still see food trucks in most major cities today, but there is a new trend that seems to be gathering strength. Shipping container kitchens are making an appearance in many major cities and some smaller ones too.

These rooms are self-contained and are a fantastic way to repurpose an old shipping container that is no longer needed by the company that was previously using it. With the importance of repurposing and recycling items and transforming them into something that’s useful, the upcycling of shipping containers is not only trendy, but completely extraordinary when you take a look at the results.

Tiger Containers has a team of highly skilled and creative technicians who can transform your shipping container into a ready to use kitchen that is a thing of beauty.

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Today’s solution, filling the need for a kitchen or a restaurant, are shipping container kitchens that are durable and cost effective. These kitchens can be moved via truck to any location where they are needed. The entire unit can be joined together with other similar containers to form a substantial full sized facility once in place.

These containers can be a temporary solution when a kitchen is needed for an event such as a large festival. They can also be the perfect solution for work camps and can provide food facilities for workers, as well as a place to sleep if needed. Since shipping container kitchens are extremely portable, they can be transported easily to where the need arises. If a disaster occurs, then the container can be moved to a new location to supply food to those who are in need.

When a shipping container is used and business is not that substantial, the entire restaurant can be picked up and moved to a better location where things may be a little bit busier. A regular restaurant that is experiencing slow business does not have the same “relocation” ability and may end up closing its doors because it cannot go where the customers are.

Examples of Great Shipping Container Kitchens

More often these days shipping container kitchens are appearing in a variety of locations including New York’s Times Square, under the Eiffel Tower in Paris and in the inner harbour of Victoria, BC. The entire kitchen is self-contained inside of the container, so it’s easy to use and serve people who are walking by outside.

People are ready to eat something that is different from the ordinary and they want a unique dining experience too. When food vendors start dispensing their culinary delights from a shipping container, the entire experience is taken to a whole new level.

To give you some ideas, let’s look at some fantastic examples of kitchens around the world made from old shipping containers…

A: In Victoria, British Columbia, Red Fish, Blue Fish is a trendy restaurant that is located in an old Hummer Crate. The owners admitted that they had some problems getting the right permits to open a restaurant in what the City perceived as a garbage bin. Fast forward several years and Red Fish, Blue Fish is a destination for many hungry tourists who visit Victoria each year. The restaurant serves local seafood prepared in traditional ways with some interesting twists on the local fare. On any given day the line-up for this food vendor can curl around the corner and out of sight.

B: The Container Restaurant is located in Durango, Colorado. It serves food next to a brewery and pairs up brick over pizza with other snacks and sandwiches while pairing up with Ska Brewing’s brews. The container structure provides the perfect solution to the need of the brewery to serve their brews with food. The founders of Ska Brewing were looking for a place to serve food that would also be of the same high local quality to enhance the beer tasting experience of their customers.

C: Washington, D.C. has a container restaurant known as El Ray. It is located in what was a bare and ragged paved lot near Dodge City. The new glass storefront has three painted shipping containers which contain a beer garden and a taqueria. There is a large patio in the back that also has a retractable roof that can be rolled back or extended for coverage as needed. Although they focus mainly on tequila and tacos but they do keep some beer on tap. There are windows that face the street and allow people who are walking by to order tacos from the street. The idea began as a concept for a summer beer garden and a taco shop after Eric Hilton saw houses in the Caribbean that were built out of shipping containers.

D: Food vendors in the Dundas and Bathurst area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada have created a small food court with an eclectic collection of food vendors outside of the Scadding Court Community Centre. In this collection of food vendors one can get anything from a hot Indian sandwich, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried mini doughnuts, bubble tea, Korean pancakes, ethical meat and a wide variety of other foods that are not readily available in any typical grocery store. The shipping container kitchens were seen as a way to revitalize the area and to create vending stalls and an office space to create a marketplace and food court in the area.

E: The Müvbox Shipping Container Restaurant. Fast food meets shipping container in this beautiful concept. Created by Müvbox, this 20ft shipping container in Montreal, Canada opens up into a full-fledged mobile, outdoor fast food restaurant. It features a gourmet kitchen inside and a fabulous graphic paint job on the outside.

shipping container kitchen

(Image from:

F: Wahaca shipping container restaurant. Originally located in London’s Southbank and owned by the Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca, this ambitious project was designed by soft room Architects who are based in London. Composed of eight shipping containers, the restaurant functioned as an experimental kitchen offering monthly food specials at one location over the course of 18 months before moving to a different location. Popular dishes from this experiment would then be added to Wahaca’s standard menu in all its outlets.

shipping container kitchen - Wahaca

(Image from source:

G: Singapore Takeout. This 20ft shipping container was outfitted with elegant kitchen equipment and used to serve up traditional dishes from Singapore and other innovative and inspired dishes. The shipping container kitchen served both as a restaurant kitchen and a demonstration kitchen to show off Singapore’s cuisine, culinary talent and food brands.

(Image from source:


Shipping containers are gaining popularity in kitchen construction because they are strong, durable, affordable, easily adaptable, and can be moved around easily.

At Tiger containers, we will not only provide you with high quality new and used containers, but also help modify them into the kitchen of your dreams. Our products are of high quality and are competitively priced to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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