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Great examples of modified 20ft shipping containers

Millions of shipping containers sit waiting for us to utilise them for other purposes. With the turn of the millennium, the use of shipping containers has continued to grow over the last decade and a half as international trade booms. Due to their excessive numbers, shipping containers are more and more becoming part of our daily lives as we continue up-cycling these boxes for different uses. 20ft shipping containers are the most popular and this can be attributed to their relatively compact size.

With this excess resource, people all over the world have transformed simple boxes to some of the most innovative solutions to satisfy the need for portable enclosedspaces. 20ft containers have been modified to suit different needs with great results. Here are some of the best modifications we have come across.

20ft Portable Clinic by ‘clinic in a can’ (  )

‘Clinic in a can’ is a non-profit organisation based in Wichita, Kansas, USA that specialises in modifying shipping containers into fully functional mobile clinics that can be shipped to any corner of the world. Their innovative modifications have helped people in very remote parts of the world get medical services closer to them.

Their 20ft container clinic is built to be fully self-contained enabling it to operate regardless of the available infrastructure. The container provides a one room clinic fitted with equipment capable of dealing with minor to moderate medical conditions. They are fitted with generators or solar panels for power.

Solaris Shipping container bar in Linz (

This magical 20ft shipping container transforms into an outdoor bar at the push of a button. The container has been cut three-quarter ways to one length and the adjacent width, this makes for an angled roof cover once the sides are popped open. The interior of the bar is designed like a regular bar with a counter and shelves for the bottles. Seats are arranged in an adjacent open space to give costumers that outdoor feel as they enjoy their drinks.

Illy shipping container café (

Nicknamed ‘push button house’, this café represents one of the best and attractive transformations of the 20ft shipping containers. With a flick of a switch, this regular-looking shipping container transforms into a stylish modern café with the accompanying nitty-gritty. The side walls drop to add to the available floor space creating a comfortable, spacious café.

20ft Off-The-Grid Tiny Shipping Container House (

Made from a 20ft shipping container, this tiny house has been fitted with all the things necessary for off-the-grid living. This tiny house is a perfect example of how functional, space-saving designs can be implemented. This very small house manages to squeeze in an office, kitchen area and a bed to prove that you can do a lot with the smallest of spaces.

Containers are quickly finding their way to our daily lives. New modification designs are being developed continuously and very soon shipping containers will be all over our landscape.

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