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  • Large Shipping Containers

With all their possible uses, shipping containers have become an integral part of our everyday life. They can be used to construct homes, offices, lavatories and even storage space when needed. With the numerous utilities shipping containers can be put into, it would be no surprise to find yourself in the market for one.

Hiring or buying a shipping container is relatively easy and does not require complex procedures. You do however need to understand the different factors that determine the price of these items when hiring or buying. They might look the same at a glance, but all shipping containers are not equal. Some have features that make them a bit more expensive to rent or buy as compared to others.

Some of the factors that determine the price of a shipping container include:

1. Build material – Shipping containers are generally made from steel. The kind of steel used to construct the units is what makes their prices differ. Corten steel is the most durable and expensive steel used in shipping container construction. It is more resistant to rust and will last longer compared to other containers constructed from inferior steel.

2. Size – Shipping containers come in two common sizes: 40ft or 20ft, but a smaller variation of 10ft is also available. Larger containers are usually more expensive than smaller containers due to their increased capacity and additional construction cost. The 40ft and 20ft containers also come in a slightly taller version known as high cubes. The high cube is a metre taller than a regular container and a tad more expensive due to the extra headroom.

3. Age – This applies to second-hand containers. If you are looking to hire or buy a second-hand shipping container, its age will greatly affect its value. Two terms are used to describe a shipping container’s age. They are:

–    One-trip. As the name suggests, these containers have only been used on one trip and are almost new in both look and condition. Although they might have a few scratches here and there, this is the closest you can get to new and this makes them more expensive to buy or hire.

–    As-is. These are very worn shipping containers and offer the most economical option. These are retired shipping containers and may not be in as good a condition as the one-trip shipping containers.

4. Paint Job – Shipping containers with “factory paint” are more expensive than refurbished ones – that is if the original paint job is still in good condition. Shipping containers with the original paint job are less likely to rust underneath the paint layer and this makes them more durable and hence more expensive.

5. ModificationsShipping containers can be modified to suit more specific needs. The more the shipping container has been customised, the more expensive it will be. A refrigerated shipping container, for instance, will be more expensive than a regular 40ft or 20ft shipping container.

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