Tiger Containers has just unveiled a brand-new shipping container conversion, specifically designed as extra storage space. In this case, to be used as an archiving storage space for Enmore Tafe College in NSW. More archive storage containers like this one can be produced for anyone requiring this kind of facility, enquire now.

This storage room for Enmore Tafe is built from a standard 20ft shipping container. Along one wall a series of very solid shelves has been installed for archive boxes, while there is still plenty of space inside to comfortably move about.


Where the original container doors were, they’ve been replaced with a roller door for easy access. No more swinging doors taking up extra space.


One challenge we had with this project was the very snug fit of the roller door due to the length of the shelving. With future projects, shelving will be reduced from the current length of 5.6m to 5.4m.

Once the interior of the container had been painted and new plywood flooring put it, the RHS Steel Framing for the shelves was then welded together. The frames were then painted and allowed to dry, after which plywood shelves were slotted into place and fixed to the framework.

shipping container conversion

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