Uses for Shipping Containers

Container Workshop

We modified a shipping container for a Petrol station! to create some container workshop space that was relocatable.

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Should I Buy or Hire a Shipping Container?

Many people want to get their hands on either a new or used shipping container. Whether it’s for transportation of goods, temporary or permanent storage, or one of many other purposes. Relatively speaking, cargo containers are cheap and can be modified to suit any requirements. They are also built tough and made to last. If […]

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Emerging Trend: The Pop-Up Retail Space

Pop-up stores are a growing trend right around Australia and across the world. These retail spaces are mobile, quick to set up, and are a cost-effective way for modern day retailers to trade. In this post we’ll delve into the reasons why pop-up stores are on the rise, and how converted shipping containers are a […]

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What Storage Options Are Available For Shipping Containers?

The primary purpose of shipping containers is to provide safe and secure transportation of goods, often to overseas destinations. The second most common use of the humble shipping container is for temporary or permanent storage. There are quite a few ways that you can put shipping containers to good use, and many different things can […]

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What is Cargotecture?

Ever heard of 'cargotecture'? Read this article and learn about the endless modifications that can be made to regular shipping containers. Today’s buildings need to be innovative, using materials that are being repurposed.  It is a simple fact that there are millions of shipping containers around the world that are sitting unused and can be […]

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