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  • Brisbane

    Address : 80 Canberra Street,
    Hemmant, Brisbane, Queensland -
    4174 Australia.


    Swamp Road & Bellevue Street
    Tempe, Sydney - NSW, Australia

  • melbourne

    28 Jones Road, Brooklyn,
    Melbourne, Victoria –
    3026 Australia

  • Fremantle

    Port Beach Road, Lot R114,
    North Fremantle - WA 6159

  • Large Shipping Containers

A Workshop From A Shipping Container

Tiger Shipping Containers recently modified 2 refrigerated shipping containers so they could be utilised as a workshop, we cut out 2 side walls and provided join kits so they could bolt together onsite. This is a unique design which Tiger Containers has created after years of experience modifying shipping containers, for all shipping container modifications […]

Shipping Containers as Bridges

Ever heard of a shipping container bridge? Check out this article and learn why shipping containers make some of the best bridges. Shipping containers are some of the most versatile recyclables in the world. With just a few modifications (or none in some situations), a shipping container can be transformed into something useful. Among those […]

Shipping Container Greenhouse

Shipping containers have been repurposed for a number of reasons. Check out the new shipping container greenhouse built by Tiger Containers! People have repurposed old shipping containers for numerous things – restaurants, homes, art galleries, shops, even swimming pools. But the greenest use might just have been found – literally.

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