Shipping Containers: Know the Economics

Knowing the economics behind shipping containers sounds quite tedious. However, the economics are pretty interesting given that shipping containers are one of the most significant drivers of the global economy. Although the shipping container industry has a long way to go before they are less detrimental to the environment, shipping containers can have enormous environmental […]

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Going Green: The Zero Emissions Future for Cargo Shipping Containers

Climate change is no longer just a buzzword, but a pressing issue facing our planet. Achieving net-zero emissions is a hugely important task to reduce the disastrous effects of climate change, and this doesn’t exclude the necessary efforts required from the shipping container industry. It is relatively common knowledge that the production of electricity and […]

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Keep Your Shipping Container Looking Like New with These 7 Maintenance Tips

Shipping containers are built to last. Notoriously sturdy and reliable, they can sustain harsh environments and be an invaluable investment if appropriately maintained. Steel, along with aluminium and fibre-reinforced polymer, often make up shipping containers, providing them with the strength and durability they are known for. While they can withstand extreme conditions, this also means […]

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Agricultural Advancements: The Rising Trend of Shipping Container Farms

While initially invented as a means to transport goods within the trade cycle, shipping containers as we know them today are useful entities for a multitude of projects and purposes. Recognising their stability and potential, people worldwide have adapted shipping containers into homes, offices, storage, accommodation, kitchens, and many more. Among these many alternative uses […]

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The History of Shipping Containers: How a Steel Box Changed Trade

Assorted coloured large metal boxes. While that is certainly not a phrase that screams innovation and excitement, shipping containers are proof not to judge a book by its cover. Despite their outwardly basic appearance, shipping containers have a rather extensive and impressive history contributing to their many uses in today’s society and trade cycle. The […]

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