The Pros & Cons of Shipping Container Homes

Despite shipping containers only becoming used for alternative and creative purposes within recent years, it is difficult to remember when they weren’t constantly being modified into uses other than for the transportation of goods. It is almost as if buying a shipping container to repurpose it has become the norm. We constantly see homes, accommodation, […]

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Five Ways to Repurpose Your Shipping Container

In recent years, you may have noticed an influx of shipping containers used for alternative and innovative purposes. From repurposed to refurbished or even complete redevelopments, people recognise the versatility of shipping containers beyond their traditional use. You can look at a shipping container the same way you would look at a blank canvas, with […]

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How to Choose the Right Shipping Container?

Initially pioneered for the standardisation of global shipping, shipping containers now exist with so many creative uses and purposes. Over 65 years after creating the shipping container, its uses are continuously being discovered, including great storage units, on-site offices for construction sites, homes and more. However, because they have so many uses, there are many […]

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Innovative Ways to Use Reefer Containers

Shipping containers have made it possible to ship all kinds of goods in a standardised manner, revolutionising global trade and storage. However, if you have goods sensitive to temperature, a standard container may not be suitable. Way back in the 1800s, ships were attempting to use ice and salt in their cargo holds to reduce […]

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Crisis Update: The Current State of the Shipping Container Shortage

Although we may be biased in favour of the sturdy, durable shipping container, we cannot deny that the current shortage crisis is a pressing concern. We have touched on the who, what, where and when behind the global shipping container crisis, how the shortage is crippling global trade, and previous predictions for a resolution. So, […]

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