Agricultural Advancements: The Rising Trend of Shipping Container Farms

While initially invented as a means to transport goods within the trade cycle, shipping containers as we know them today are useful entities for a multitude of projects and purposes. Recognising their stability and potential, people worldwide have adapted shipping containers into homes, offices, storage, accommodation, kitchens, and many more. Among these many alternative uses […]

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The History of Shipping Containers: How a Steel Box Changed Trade

Assorted coloured large metal boxes. While that is certainly not a phrase that screams innovation and excitement, shipping containers are proof not to judge a book by its cover. Despite their outwardly basic appearance, shipping containers have a rather extensive and impressive history contributing to their many uses in today’s society and trade cycle. The […]

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The Who, What, Where, When & Why Behind the Global Shipping Container Shortage

Before the invention of the shipping container in the mid 20th century, transporting goods and cargo was a rather tedious and labour intensive task. Despite the containers being simple, metal boxes, they have proven to be much more, making incomprehensible improvements to global trade. As relatively simple entities built to fit and transport goods, their […]

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Simplifying the Groundwork: How to Prepare a Site for a Shipping Container

No matter the scale, scenario, or span, starting a new project can be exciting. While this makes it tempting to jump straight into execution, you are certainly not setting yourself up for success without thoughtful planning and preparation.  Shipping containers are increasingly being converted and repurposed for many creative structures outside of their typical usage. […]

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The Top 7 Innovative Ways You Can Use Shipping Containers

Image source: Weekend Notes When you picture shipping containers, we can assume the first thing you’d picture is a boat that looks like it's loaded with a sea of multicoloured lego, about to be sent off into the horizon to ship materials and commodities around the globe.  While it initially doesn’t spark much excitement, more […]

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