Types of Shipping Containers

What Can You Fit Inside A Shipping Container?

If you’re looking to get a shipping container to store your things or ship some cargo, then you might be wondering: how much can you fit in a cargo container? In this post, we tell you exactly how much you can fit inside an intermodal ISO container. We tell you the exact internal dimensions and […]

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What Is A WWT (Wind & Watertight) Shipping Container

If you have little to no experience with shipping containers, then the options can get confusing unless you know what they all mean. At first glance it appears all shipping containers are basically the same, just different lengths, but that’s not actually the case. For example there are: New & used containers Different grades of […]

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Containers Modified Into “Parklets”

Check out the new shipping container "parklets" from Tiger Containers! These are small, mobile public spaces specially built for socialising. Tiger Containers recently modified two containers to become 'parklets'. These are small mobile public spaces for community socialising and greening the street.

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