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  • Large Shipping Containers

What Do You Store Inside a Refrigerated Shipping Container?

All the space and durability of a regular shipping container, plus the temperature control of a regular refrigeration unit. With all that temperature-controlled space, what could you possibly put inside a refrigerated shipping container beside frozen food? Those unfamiliar with refrigerated shipping containers or ‘reefers’ will often ask this question. But these cold, insulated shipping […]

Basic Considerations when Moving Dangerous Goods

Planning on moving dangerous goods for the first time? Moving dangerous goods is a task that should not be taken lightly. These substances can be extremely harmful, and if transported haphazardly could result in fires, contamination, spills and toxic exposures – posing a serious threat to public safety, property and the environment. This is why […]

All About Refrigerated Shipping Containers

The Refrigerated container is also known within the industry as a Reefer container. Back in 1956, the original shipping container was initially meant for transporting dry cargo, otherwise known as general cargo. In just a few years after its invention, the cargo container had become a huge success as it was able to reduce shipping […]

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