Modification Of The Month

Conversion of a Shipping Container for Enmore Tafe, NSW

Tiger Containers has just unveiled a brand-new shipping container conversion, specifically designed as extra storage space. In this case, to be used as an archiving storage space for Enmore Tafe College in NSW. More archive storage containers like this one can be produced for anyone requiring this kind of facility, enquire now. This storage room […]

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Kitchen Prep Room & Chiller - Modified Reefer

Mod of The Month: 20ft Reefer Container We have just modified a 20ft Reefer shipping container for a customer. The customised container has been modified for food and kitchen prep and comes with a chiller room. View the modified 20ft reefer container below:

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20ft High Cube Modified For Overseas Customer

We modified a 20ft High Cube shipping container for an overseas customer. The customised container has LED Downlights and is insulated. The shipping container is going to be used as a display unit in the USA. The modified doors will be used for entry on one side and exit on the other side. View the […]

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