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Container Office for your Home

One innovative way to set up a home office rather cheaply that’s separate from the rest of the home is to build a shipping container office. This is fast to do and extremely cost-effective, as most of the construction is already in place, and the container just needs a few modifications. Learn how shipping containers […]

Shipping Container Farms Are The Latest Craze

Indoor farms have become one of the latest trends to be gripped by the craze of transforming the humble shipping container for a brand new purpose other than transportation or storage. The beauty of this idea is that not much about the container itself needs to be modified, as the farms are all housed inside […]

Shipping Container Cafes

One of the really cool things about opening a cafe is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be very big, and if you can make your cafe mobile, it really opens the doors for many business opportunities, such as events and festivals. One unique option for creating a cafe is out of a shipping container, […]

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