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  • Large Shipping Containers

Are you Seeking Reliable Shipping Container Information? If you are looking for shipping container information then you must be interested in purchasing or renting one. Tiger Containers rent, modify and sell shipping containers and has been doing this for more than thirty years.

We are a market leader in providing shipping containers for rent or for sale or that have been fully modified. Tiger Containers keeps a supply of containers stock in stock and also supplies a large range of both new and used general steel shipping containers.

Tiger Containers has been in business for more than 30 years and has a dedicated customer service team that is knowledgeable and helpful. The team is ready to provide you with the most economical solution for your particular situation. You can relax knowing that you are dealing with a professional company that has been securing and customising quality shipping containers for people just like you for decades.

We understand that Shipping Container Information needs to be reliable and you will benefit from our years of experience when you talk with our team.

The expert staff at Tiger Containers will modify your shipping container to your exact specifications and requirements. We will handle the lighting, flooring, electricity, doors and any air conditioning installation and can handle any request or issue that you have when it comes to shipping containers.

All of the modifications that are made to our shipping containers meet Australian Standards.

What sizes are available?

Tiger Containers keeps a wide range of sizes of containers available in stock so that anyone who needs a container can easily source one. The sizes start at 10 feet (3 m) and go right up to 40 feet (12 m). There are also plenty of customised containers which range in size starting at 5 feet and going right up to 40 feet.

Shipping Container Information – Specialised Containers

Refrigerated containers are used for shipping goods that are perishable and need to be kept cold. They can also be used as a large walk in cool room for a large event or a function with a completely adjustable temperature control. These containers are easy to transport which makes them a good choice for migratory markets. You can ask for your refrigerated container to be tailored to your exact needs because Tiger Containers has a great deal of experience in giving their customers exactly what they need.

Customers have phoned Tiger Containers in the past and have been able to secure a container that has been pre-modified. These containers are ready for delivery and are extremely versatile. These containers are sent out immediately, clean and ready to use. Whatever you need, Tiger Containers is ready to provide it. Best of all, these containers have a three month warranty so that if anything goes wrong, Tiger Containers will deal with it.

Shipping Container Information – What is in stock?

Tiger Containers carries both new and used shipping containers and always has a variety of sizes and types on-site. If there is something you need, you just need to call us on 1800 072 039. The staff at Tiger is always ready to hear your ideas and help you to make those ideas a reality.

Need a Modification? Modification of Shipping Containers Information:

At Tiger Containers, you will find a variety of excellent specialists who are knowledgeable in the modification of shipping containers.

Need Storage?

You can obtain your own storage container and have it moved to your location or you can use your container on our property. The facility located at Tiger Containers is gated, locked and has 24/7 security cameras. It is completely up to you if you need the container delivered or if you prefer to keep it in our secure facility.

Need Accommodation?

Tiger Containers has many solutions for converting an everyday shipping container into a type of accommodation. You may want a holiday home or an addition for your existing home. You may want to have a new home but are on a tight budget. It does not matter what your reasons are, Tiger Containers can provide whatever you want. We will create a custom home from a shipping container that meets your exact needs. If you want a full home then we can provide that too and will ensure that every comfort is included such as electricity, windows, lighting, doorways, flooring and temperature control. This is one way to get a custom home that suits your needs without the massive price tag.

Shipping Container Information – Ablution Units

These units are generally intended for a high volume of use and should be safe, with a great deal of consideration put into hygienic planning. Tiger Containers understands the need for this type of unit and how much of the time it is required on an emergency basis. These units are popular at large events, for sporting clubs and for construction sites where toilets and bathrooms are needed immediately. Tiger Containers has been providing these units for many years.

If you have been searching high and low for shipping container information, then look no further than Tiger Containers.

We have always put our customers first and will continue to do so for as long as we are in business. You can expect to have a shipping container modified to meet your needs. We also understand the urgency that many customers have in receiving their shipping container.

Immediate delivery is always an option, you simply need to ask. If you need to rent, purchase or modify a shipping container, contact Tiger Containers today to get what you need.

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