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  • Large Shipping Containers

In an article published by, Duarte Geraldino talks about how expensive it is for the younger generation to move out of home these days. With the combination of lower wages and higher rents, many young adults are opting to stay home. There is a growing need for affordable housing and some developers and architects are considering shipping containers as their building blocks.

Through the use of shipping containers, the prices of construction can be kept to a minimum, providing for lower rent apartments with living spaces customised to twenty-somethings. The concept is a building with each unit having a private bathroom, kitchen, dining and living space, and a common area where everyone can hang out together in the evenings. Shipping container homes are a low-cost housing option.

Traditional brick buildings with the same amount of units as the conceptualised building using shipping containers would cost twice as much. Lower building costs can be offset over a longer period of time, making for a lower rent price point. With an average of 700,000 empty shipping containers available around the country, there is no shortage of building blocks for new projects.

The concept of living in a shipping container is becoming much more popular with these containers being used for a variety of applications in backyards around the world. Once windows are added to these containers to let more light in, they can feel a lot larger than they are. The addition of light can also reduce electrical costs. Once the interior of the container is finished it is difficult to tell that it was once a shipping container. Building inspectors must approve containers for occupancy, but with a high demand for accommodation, developers are anxious to get these projects completed in a timely fashion.

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