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  • Large Shipping Containers

Yes, really! And they are becoming more popular as more people discover the benefits of using this “in excess” item to construct houses.

Once considered undesirable housing units for people who couldn’t afford the more traditional brick and mortar house, cargo container houses have become the hot new trend for, well, just about anyone. From beachfront getaways to sprawling homes on the open range, shipping containers are being transformed into beautiful modern homes for every kind of need.

See some great pictures of cargo container homes:

Shipping container homes are particularly popular with eco-conscious people, thanks to their environmental benefits – but these aren’t the only benefits of building your home using cargo containers.

The advantages of building a house using shipping containers

1.    Durability. Shipping containers are built to withstand long and rough journeys over land and sea without damaging the merchandise inside. They are weatherproof and can take a knock or two without significant damage. This makes them ideal materials for home construction. Because of they’re all metal build, shipping containers are also resistant to fire, termites and mould.

2.    It’s easy to create design plans. Thanks to their modular nature and ability to be stacked up to 12 high, shipping containers home designs are easy to formulate and implement. It’s so easy that you can create your own design without requiring the help of an architect.

3.    Reduced construction time. With shipping container homes, the more appropriate term to use is “assemble” instead of “build”. This is because most of the work is done offsite in a workshop and then the final unit is assembled at the location from the already modified shipping containers – like arranging Lego blocks.

4.    Mobility. Cargo container homes are as easy to take apart as they are to put together. If you need to relocate, all you need to do is take apart the various units making up the house, have them transported to the new location and assemble them again to create your old house at a new location.

5.    Easy modification. If you ever require to add an extra room to your home, you can just attach a new module to it. It’s that simple!
Let Tiger Containers help you transform your dream of owning a home into a reality. We provide high quality new and second-hand shipping containers and offer modification services to make the container more suitable for your needs.

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