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  • Large Shipping Containers

Shipping containers provide an excellent solution as an on-site storage facility. Many home owners have limited space and cannot add extra buildings beyond the allowable building limits, so if there is already a separate garage and a tool shed, no other permanent buildings can be placed on the property. A shipping container provides a good option because it is large enough to accommodate a large amount of items. Here are some other excellent uses for shipping containers as storage facilities:


• Shipping containers provide that much needed storage area where lockers can be installed. These are ideal for work camps, schools and sports facilities. The users of the lockers bring their own locks and the lockers provide a secure place for them to place their belongings for a short time or for the longer term. Not only are the lockers secure, but the outer doors of the container can also be closed as an added security measure.

• On construction sites a shipping container can provide the perfect storage solution. A small amount of modification is required to make sure that the container is secure. Cages can be welded inside of the container so that locks can be added and equipment is secure inside the container overnight or on weekends when no one is at the job site. Tools are expensive and it can be risky to leave them behind at a job site where theft might occur. The cost to replace a lot of tools can be quite high, and a shipping container provides a perfectly secure lock up area for all job site tools.

• Shipping containers provide an ideal paper archive solution too. The entire container can be outfitted with wooden shelves to hold boxes of documents that are important and should not be destroyed. The entire unit is fire proof so the paperwork is completely safe and secure inside of the shipping container.

• If you are looking for storage away from your location, some shipping container companies will deliver a shipping container, allow you to load it and then remove it for you to be stored elsewhere. For some this is a very good solution because they do not have the space to keep a shipping container in their yard or on their property.

• Renovating a home can be an intense undertaking. It is important to have a place to remove furniture and other items to and store them in on a temporary basis. This allows the renovations to proceed without concern that anything in the home will be damaged. Expensive furniture and electronics or other household items can be stored in an on-site storage facility and locked up to keep them secure.

• For farmers a shipping container can provide a reliable storage area for agricultural equipment and supplies that need to be kept dry and safe from the elements. This is a good way to store the equipment that is only used a few times per year.

• Many an automotive enthusiast who likes to build and rebuild cars needs certain parts and a place to store them. The shipping container provides a perfect on-site storage facility and ensures that the parts are kept dry.

• Some commercial enterprises have a large amount of inventory but not enough space in their facility to store the inventory. The excess inventory can be stored in an on-site storage facility shipping container.

• Shipping containers provide the perfect solution to store emergency disaster preparedness items. The container is heavy and waterproof so it should be able to withstand many different types of storms and flooding, keeping supplies dry and safe for when they are needed in an emergency situation.

• Stores often have an extensive collection of seasonal items that they do not have room to store. A shipping container ensures that these items are on site and ready to be accessed when needed. Fixtures and promotional items are needed at certain times of the year and need to be stored in a place where they can be accessed on an as needed basis.

• Schools and churches often have extra supplies that they need to keep near their facility but do not have the storage space. Chairs and tables are needed for events and dinners or assemblies but take up a lot of room in a building. On-site shipping containers ensure that the equipment is nearby and ready when it is needed.

• Moving an entire household can be simplified with a shipping container. Have the container dropped off well in advance of your planned move, then take your time and pack the container as you see fit and when you have time. Before you know it the entire house will be packed up into the shipping container and ready to be moved to your new home. Forget moving trucks, this is a lot less stressful and way more convenient. The items that you will need immediately will be located near the front of the container because they will be the last items that you pack.

• Equipment that is needed for yard work and for landscaping is not used all year round. A large lawnmower and yard tools can take up a lot of room in a garage, so a shipping container can provide a reasonable storage solution that keeps the space in the garage free for something more important – your car!

Shipping containers are an extremely handy item that can be used to provide a wide range of storage solutions. These containers are waterproof, windproof, secure and safe. They are large enough to store larger items and can be situated in any location that you prefer. If you are concerned about local bylaws, these containers are not a “permanent” fixture, so they comply with most local laws and will not draw complaints or penalties. If you are looking for a storage solution that meets your needs and is inexpensive, then you may want to consider a shipping container.


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