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  • Large Shipping Containers

Thinking of buying a shipping container but worried about how much it will cost you? While they may be significantly large items, containers need not be purchased at a very high price. Even if you are on a budget, you can still get a high-quality container by following a few simple tips:

Tip No.1: Go Local:

The closer the supplier of the container is to you, the better. This often means a lower cost for transporting the container. Now if you live in the suburbs or are located in a business district you may be asking, ‘where can I find a shipping container for sale near me?’ Not to worry. Tiger Containers is one container company that has branches in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne so no matter your location, should you require local shipping containers for sale in Australia Tiger Containers can get them to you quickly and within your vicinity.

Tip No.2: Back Load Transport for customers not local to us:

Choosing a locally-based container supplier is one way to cut on costs but not alays an option.

The best way to save money on shipping containers is to have them transported by a local transport company who requires a back load from one of our depots. (Which we can source for Regional Areas)

Tip No.3: Buy Secondhand

Used containers cost a lot less than new ones, but you must be extra careful when purchasing them. You have to inspect the container thoroughly to make sure it is still of good quality. You also have to consider from where you’re buying them. You’ll find many cheap shipping containers for sale online with unbelievably low prices, but then you see the actual container and realise why it was priced so low. If you’re buying secondhand it would be wiser to buy from a trusted source such as Tiger Containers, which offers a 3-month warranty on its products.

Tip No.4: Choose a Typical Container

Unless customisations and specialised specifications are necessary, opt for a typical container free from them. The cost of shipping containers for sale can increase with these added custom changes and specifications.

Tip No.5: Opt for Best Value

Remember that cheapest may not always translate into the best value. Buying shipping containers for sale price is just one part of the equation, you also have to consider the quality and value you get from your purchase. First off, consider the material that the container is made from. You’ll want one made from corten steel, which is highly durable, and rust and weather resistant. Even if you get a used one you can be assured of its quality and durability. Second, if you’re flexible on size better get a 40ft container. It’s the most readily available type and offers the best value in terms of space versus average cost. However not everyone has the room for a 40ft container, so 20ft and 10ft containers are an excellent alternative and still very good value.

Still worried your budget won’t be enough to buy a good shipping container? Get in touch with Tiger Containers today on 1800 072 039 to talk to one of our specialists about your concerns. You can also get a free quote quickly and easily by clicking on the ‘get a quote’ tab above.

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