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  • Large Shipping Containers

There’s a lot you can do with a shipping container. Its robustness and ability to last has made it a preferred choice for people looking for a durable yet affordable building material. Almost everywhere you look there’s a structure made from a shipping container. In addition to being affordable, shipping containers can be quickly adapted for new purposes, making them suitable for “on the fly” solutions.

The 40ft container is one of the more popular cargo container sizes (the other one being the 20ft container) and so has found a lot of use outside of cargo transportation. Here are some of the most popular uses of this versatile container.

1.  Cold rooms. 40ft containers, with a few modifications, can be converted into cold rooms for storing perishable items. These cold rooms can be used at fixed locations or placed on flatbed trucks for goods transportation. These kind of cold rooms can either be powered by fossil fuels or plugged into a wall outlet.

2. Goods storage.
These containers, due to their large capacity, are fitted with shelves, ventilated and easily turned into stores for non-perishable goods. Their strong construction makes them hard to break into.

3. On- site offices
. When offices are required on-site, 40ft shipping containers provide an easy yet affordable solution. Their larger size also makes it possible to split them into several rooms, all of which can be used by different people. 

4. Ablution units. 40ft containers are converted into ablution blocks to provide hygienic sanitation in remote locations or on-site. Because these ablution blocks are essentially shipping containers, transporting them to different locations becomes very easy.

5. Accommodation.
With just a few modifications, a 40ft shipping container can be converted into a small house. It provides affordable housing and reduces construction time significantly.

If you are looking for a 40ft shipping container either new or previously owned, then you have come to the right place. At Tiger Containers, we provide high-quality shipping containers at competitive prices and help you make the modifications you need to suit your needs.

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