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  • Large Shipping Containers

The 10ft container comes in handy when space is at a premium, but you still require the strength and portability of a shipping container. This is the smallest container you can have and is exactly half the length of the 20ft unit.

The 10ft container is about half the size of a single car garage and this makes them ideal for small space storage applications, but they can also be modified to make countless shipping container products. 
This sized container is not very common in shipping, so second-hand 10ft containers are usually made by cutting a 40ft container into four equal parts and adding back walls and doors to the cutout pieces. One piece retains the original back end of the larger container while another retains the original door of the container.

Tiger containers supplies both new and used 10ft shipping containers for sale and hire. Our containers are of high standard and are competitively priced.

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Technical Specifications

The specifications for the 10ft cargo container are as follows:

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  • Tare Weight: 1200kg (approx.)
  • External length: 2.99m
  • External width: 2.44m
  • External height: 2.59m
  • Internal length: 2.83m

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  • Internal width: 2.35m
  • Internal height: 2.39m
  • Capacity: 15.9m3
  • Payload: 8,960kg (approx.)
  • Total weight: 10,160kg (approx.)


Because these containers are still manufactured to ISO transportation standards, they can still be used for shipping and transportation by rail.

All 10ft containers feature the standard all-steel construction, forklift pockets for easy movement and lashing points for cargo. 10ft containers that are cut out from a 40ft container have no standard doors and will be fitted with whatever type of door the customer requires.

Other additional features can also be incorporated to meet the customer’s requirements.

Uses for the 10ft shipping container

This small sized container can be used for a number of things. They include:

  1. Shipping goods. It’s what all shipping containers are designed to do, and this 10ft variant is no different. The container will keep goods safe from physical damage, vermin and the elements during transportation. This container is ideal for small shipments.
  2. Storage. The container can be used to store all sorts of things from documents to dangerous goods such as flammable and corrosive chemicals. The law does, however, require modifications to be done before the shipping container can be used to store dangerous goods. These modifications include floor and ceiling level vents, aluminium ribbed grate or galvanised steel floors, installation of sump capacity and safety drain valves for spills among others. Modifications required will depend on the class of dangerous goods to be stored. All these modifications can be done at Tiger Containers.
  3. Conversions. The container can be converted into numerous things including stores, cafes, and offices among other things.

Benefits of the 10ft container

This container has the following benefits:

  1. Compactness. Because the container is about 3m in length, it can fit in the smallest of spaces saving you the headache of having to look for space to put it.
  2. Enhanced mobility. The smaller size of the container makes it more mobile as it can fit on smaller, more manoeuvrable vehicles as compared to larger units.
  3. Toughness and durability. This container is made of high-quality steel and has all the durability features of the larger sized containers. This will ensure that the container lasts for a very long time.

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