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Shipping containers in their various sizes and models are extremely handy ways to store things and move things from one location to the other. While it can often make sense to buy a shipping container, there’s no need to buy when hiring will do. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a shipping container.

#1 – One-Off Transportation

If you are shipping a container load of cargo locally or to or from overseas as a one-off shipment, then it makes no sense to go to the expense of buying a shipping container when hiring one will be a lot cheaper. In this instance, purchasing a container would only make sense if you were transporting items regularly.

#2 – Temporary Storage

It’s the same with temporary storage. If you only need to store the items securely for a few months, then shipping container hire is definitely the way to go. It’s a cost effective and super secure solution.

#3 – Moving House

It’s becoming more popular to employ shipping containers when moving house, and this is a great option if you are shipping furniture and possessions overseas. You get time to pack the container at your leisure, and it’s the same once the container arrives at its destination address.

#4 – Seasonal Requirements

This could relate to any number of scenarios. An example might be a supermarket or local store hiring a refrigerated container around Christmas time to store extra perishable food items. Once the holiday season is over and demand has decreased, the container goes back to the supplier.

#5 – Hire On An As-Needed Basis

Even if your enterprise requires the use of shipping containers on a semi regular basis, hiring can still be the most cost effective solution if the use of a cargo container is only sporadic, where you might go months before needing one again.

#6 – You Get Options

When you hire a cargo container as compared to buying one, you have options and a variety of styles to choose from to suit your needs. One time a standard container might get the job done, whereas on another occasion, you may find you require a side loading or top loading container, or even a reefer shipping container.

#7 – One-Off Building Project

Containers used as on-site offices is one of their most common applications. But what if you only need that mobile office for the one building project? You don’t really want to buy a container in that case, and that’s where hiring one is the most logical solution.

#8 – It’s Tax Deductible for Business Solutions

Whether you’re transporting goods related to your business or need temporary storage space, the money you spend on hiring a shipping container is a tax deductible expense.

#9 – Hire Within Your Budget

No matter what kind of budget you have to work with, you can find a lease period that suits your requirements and your bottom line. Short, medium or long-term hire is available.

#10 – No Maintenance Costs

When you buy a container you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep, but when you hire a shipping container, the company that hired it to you is responsible for these costs and upkeep.

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