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Shipping containers are extremely versatile and can be utilised for more than just transporting cargo. There are also valid reasons for buying your own shipping container over simply hiring one. In this post we’ll cover 10 reasons why you should buy a shipping container.

#1 – Permanent Storage Space

Storage is one of the most common uses of a shipping container. Cargo containers are a ready made, spacious room that is super tough, durable and highly secure. If you need to store equipment, business documents, furniture, machinery, or just about anything else, then a shipping container is the ultimate storage solution.

#2 – You Regularly Transport Cargo

For one-off transportation purposes it makes more sense to simply hire a cargo container, but if you’re regularly transporting items over land or overseas, then investing in your own shipping container will ultimately save you money in the long-term.

#3 – It Can Be a Sound Investment

We mentioned above that buying your own container will save money long-term if you do a lot of transporting of goods and cargo. When you buy a container it can also be an investment. When you rent the money is gone, you own nothing, but when you buy a shipping container, down the track you can then sell it if you no longer need it.

#4 – You Need An On-Site Office

The huge advantage of using a purpose built shipping container for an on-site office is they are easily transportable when one project is completed and another commences. And because of their steel construction, shipping containers are very tough and super secure.

#5 – Storing Perishable Items for Your Business

Rather than constructing an expensive cold room for a store or other business that needs to store perishable items, it can make more logical and financial sense to simply purchase a refrigerated shipping container. It’s a ready-built cold room that just needs to be plugged into a power source and you’re up and running.

#6 – Storing Dangerous Goods

If you are merely transporting dangerous goods once or twice, then hiring a dangerous goods container is all you need, but if you store flammable liquids, gases, chemicals and so on at your place of business, then for safety reasons it makes sense to invest in a dangerous goods container.

#7 – Shipping Containers Are Versatile

When you own a shipping container you can transform it for any purpose you please, and because a container already has walls, a floor and a ceiling, modifying cargo containers is a relatively straightforward process for many applications.

#8 – A Ready Made Shop

If you have a business catering at events, then shipping containers converted into stores or kitchens are an easy and secure solution that are readily transportable.

#9 – Awesome Home Extensions

This is becoming more common because most of the construction is already done. Build an extra room out of a converted shipping container, or even a stand alone granny flat out back.

#10 – Shipping Container for Hire

As an added investment idea, once you own your shipping container, you can make money from it over and over again by hiring it out for extra income.


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