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Do you have a used shipping container? Read this article to find ten possible uses for your used shipping container…

These days modifying used shipping containers and repurposing them for other cool uses is becoming more and more common because of a steel shipping container’s strength, rigidity and durability, as well as its portability. Let’s look at 10 common uses for a used shipping container.

#1 – Transportation of Cargo

This is what shipping containers were originally built for and most commonly used for. Whether transporting goods locally or across the seas, transporting goods and cargo in a safe and secure manner is still the primary purpose of the cargo container.

#2 – Secure Storage

Being used as a super strong and secure storage facility is likely still the second most common use for shipping containers. You can store anything in them, including perishables if you have a refrigerated container.

#3 – On-Site Office Space

Being tough, secure and mobile, a used shipping container is the perfect solution as an on-site office on construction and building sites. This is one of the most common uses of a repurposed shipping container.

#4 – Temporary Cafes For Events

These are trendy and becoming more common because they are very easy to set up, pack up and move. They also make for a very secure environment when the store is closed and extremely hard to break into.

#5 – Roadside Kitchens

Roadside kitchens fashioned from old shipping containers are a really cool idea. Once again, these are very easy to transport and make for the perfect portable kitchen to be used at events, conventions, or even as a more permanent roadside fixture.

#6 – Temporary Dwellings

Whether you want to construct an entire house, add on an extra room, or build a cool granny flat out the back, shipping containers are a great choice because the walls and ceilings are already in place. A few select modifications and additions and you have some new and very unique living space.

#7 – Backyard Workshop

Even a small 10ft shipping container makes for the ultimate backyard workshop for the home or business. Not a lot of modification really needs to be done to transform an old container into a new work space. Maybe just some shelving and a few windows is all that’s required.

#8 – Moving House

The advantage of using a shipping container to move your furniture and possessions is you can generally fill it at your leisure over the space of a week, then have everything easily transported to the new location and unload it at the other end, again at your leisure.

#9 – A Man Cave

Containers are great for constructing the ultimate man cave, where you and your friends can watch your favourite sports over a few beers, share a laugh, or even store your memorabilia. Most of the construction is already in place. It’s simply a case of having the container modified to your specific requirements.

#10 – Ablution Units

In other words, convert shipping containers into portable toilet blocks to be used at concerts, sporting events, or anywhere that portable facilities are required. There will be a few mods required, but their portability is their greatest asset.

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