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Learn about the 10 most popular types of shipping containers available for hire or buy today. Many people may not realise it, but there are actually many different types of shipping container you can buy.

In this post, we will briefly look at ten of the most popular models so you know what is available.

#1 – Standard Shipping Container

This is your regulation, stock standard shipping container and the most common type of shipping container. It’s the most original design and the most versatile type of container for transporting cargo and for storage. With 3 common sizes of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft, it’s also the container that’s most commonly modified for other purposes.

#2 – High Cube Shipping Container

This is very much the same as the standard container, except it’s a little higher. Internally there is roughly one extra foot of head room. This enables the container to be used for storing or transporting items that are extra tall.

#3 – Refrigerated Shipping Containers

This one is very self-explanatory. Similar to the build of a standard container, these containers have a refrigeration unit attached that keeps the interior of the container cooled to a constant temperature. Not only are they used for transporting perishables, but are also commonly used as refrigerated storage devices.

#4 – Reefer Shipping Containers

This type of container is very similar to the standard refrigerated container, except reefer containers have a variable temperature control and the internal temperature can be adjusted precisely to suit the contents being carried or stored within the container.

#5 – Containers For On-Site Offices

These are very common place and often employed on building and construction sites all over the world. These shipping containers are purpose built as transportable and secure on-site office space for the foreman and others in charge of the project.

#6 – The Open Top Shipping Container

As the name suggests, these cargo containers have an open top, enabling heavy items to be easily loaded via an overhead crane. Things like heavy machinery and the like are most suited to being transported in an open top container for convenience. Once loaded, a tarp is used to cover the roof and contents of the container.

#7 – The Flat Rack Shipping Container

You can think of the flat rack container like a box of flat pack furniture. The whole idea of these containers is they can be disassembled, making for easy transportation of empty containers, as well as being able to store the containers in limited space.

#8 – Side Opening Shipping Containers

Standard shipping containers have doors at the end, which is okay, but not suitable if you need to load extra large items. The side opening container has huge doors opening on the side, making loading super fast and very easy.

#9 – Shipping Containers for Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods items – things like flammable liquids, gases, explosives, chemicals and so on – need to be shipped in containers that have been purpose built. Dangerous goods containers are the solution, keeping everyone safe.

#10 – Custom Modified Shipping Containers

As well as the standard types mentioned above, shipping containers can be custom modified to suit your exact requirements.

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