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When it comes to new and used shipping containers, there are advantages and disadvantages with each. In this post we’ll discuss 10 differences between new and used cargo containers so you have a better idea which suits your requirements best.

#1 – The Price

Obviously brand new shipping containers are going to cost more than their used counterparts, and when it comes to second-hand containers, because their condition varies, so will the price. If you are using a container and aesthetics and cross contamination are a consideration, then buying a new one might be the way to go.

#2 – The Condition

Used containers will come in many states, some being in major disrepair, whereas with a new container you know it’ll be in pristine condition. It really depends on your budget and your needs whether you buy a new container or a decent used one will do.

#3 – The Unknown History

Depending on what you might be planning on storing, transporting or using a container for, the issue with used shipping containers, is you don’t know their history and what’s been in them. Sometimes this can be a real concern when storing food items for example.

#4 – Used Containers Might Be Branded

If branding is important, then a used shipping container could be painted with a company’s brand on it. In this case, you would need to go to the expense of having the container repainted and rebranded. New containers generally won’t be branded.

#5 – New Containers Are Airtight

This is important, especially when transporting cargo on a ship. An airtight container will also keep the dust and critters out. With a used container, the seals might still be airtight or they may need replacing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

#6 – Remodelling

Depending on what you want the container for, remodelling a new shipping container might not be worth it because of the expense. Let’s say you want to use it for a backyard workshop. Generally an older (and cheaper) container is more suited to this application.

#7 – Fork Lift Pockets

Some of the older style cargo containers were not built with convenient forklift pockets, whereas nearly all the modern new ones are. This is an important consideration if the container needs to be moved about an industrial yard.

#8 – Building With Shipping Containers

Now while it might seem cost-effective to use second-hand containers for building a home or granny flat, the problem is, you don’t know what’s been in them. They could have stored toxic chemicals. Not a great environment to live in. In this case it’s a much safer bet to choose building with brand new containers.

#9 – Customisation

When you order a new shipping container you can have customisations made to it before taking possession of it. An example might be a particular type of flooring, or your company’s brand painted on the side. Possibly even internal shelving.

#10 – Guarantee

Usually a brand new shipping container will come with a much longer warranty than a used container will. In the long-term, this could be something that saves you money.

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