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  • Large Shipping Containers

Different Types of Shipping Containers

Tiger Containers is your premier choice for all types of shipping containers – new and used, for sale or hire – right across Australia. There are many different types of shipping containers and each one has its own purpose. Many people may not be aware of the wider range of container types, but there is […]

Types Of Popular Shipping Container Conversions

POPULAR SHIPPING CONTAINER CONVERSIONS Storage and transport are not the only purposes of shipping containers. Shipping containers can be modified into housing, office sites, sheds and more. Shipping containers have been around for a while now – since 1955 to be precise. During the better part of their existence they have mostly been used for […]

Shipping Container Houses & Accommodation

Shipping containers have been repurposed as homes since they were first invented. There has been a recent surge in container home popularity. Read the article to see why… It’s not a novel idea constructing a house or accommodation unit from a shipping container. People have done it ever since the shipping container was invented. In recent […]

All About Refrigerated Shipping Containers

The Refrigerated container is also known within the industry as a Reefer shipping container. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE REFRIGERATED SHIPPING CONTAINER Back in 1956, the original shipping container was initially meant for transporting dry cargo only, otherwise known as general cargo. In just a few years after its invention, the cargo container had become […]

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