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Australian Standards For Shipping Containers

All Tiger Containers containers meet Australian Standards.

They are all:

• cargo worthy
• in sound condition
• in safe condition
• in weatherproof condition fitted with good door gaskets
• functional with door securing and sealing components

For more information on Australian standards of containers, contact the friendly Tiger Containers team now!

Shipping Container Repairs & Maintenance


Tiger Containers has a full and dedicated production team committed to performing unsurpassed work and service. We specialise in the repairs and maintenance of cargo containers and their modifications, and understand that you may require onsite service.

The industry experienced Tiger Containers Maintenance Team is available 24/7 for onsite and call-out repairs and maintenance.

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Why choose Tiger for your shipping container repairs and maintenance?

Got a problem with your container? Maybe you discovered a dent or a cut that needs patching up, or you had a refrigerated container that is no longer operating? Not a problem. Tiger Containers can help you out.

Tiger Containers/Tyne Containers are market leaders in following International standards in repairing cargo containers at our numerous Depots around Australia. We store containers for all the major Shipping/Leasing Lines for this very reason.

We also have a range of Construction companies we look after in Sydney, transforming old and disused containers they have in stock into containers that can be utilised once again.

At Tiger Containers we also understand that moving a cargo container to a repair site is often not an option, especially if it's being used on a daily basis. That's why we offer on site repairs and maintenance, which means you don't have to move your container in order to have your problem solved. Just call us up and we'll dispatch our maintenance team to your location.

Our 24/7 repair service is available in the following areas:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

The Tiger Containers Maintenance Team is professional and experienced with over 20 years’ experience, we know-how to repair and maintain any cargo container, in any shape. Whether it's a big problem or a little problem, we can deal with it for you.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers team to find out what we can do for you.

Shipping Containers for Sale & Hire

Tiger Containers’ shipping containers are for sale OR hire!

Tiger Containers stocks and supplies a large range of cargo containers for sale and hire - for all of your storage solutions!

Our containers are available in a range of container dimensions.

10 foot20 foot40 foot
External Length 3,100mm 6,058mm 12,192mm
  Width 2,434mm 2,440mm 2,440mm
  Height 2,590mm 2,590mm 2,590mm
Internal Length 2,980mm 5,900mm 12,022mm
  Width 2,330mm 2,345mm 2,345mm
  Height 2,350mm 2,390mm 2,390mm


You can rent a container from as low as $3.00 per day.
Why buy from a wholesaler when you can buy direct?

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers Team now about our containers for sale and hire services!


Why Choose Tiger Containers?

At tiger containers, we have a wide range of new and used sea containers, all high quality and ready to be used. We ensure that the containers we offer for sale and hire meet all Australian standards, so you don't have to worry about any repairs or restorations.

Tiger containers also offers the biggest range of Containers and very competitive prices, no enquiry is too big for Tiger containers.

With over 30 years of experience in providing high quality storage solutions, Tiger Containers is fully dedicated to your satisfaction. You can trust in your Tiger Containers shipping container.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers team to learn more!


Shipping Container Modifications & Conversions

Customise your shipping container!

Tiger Containers are industry leaders in the conversion of new and used crago containers. Whether you require your customised cargo container for

Tiger Containers complies with Australian Standards and modifies sea containers to meet your precise needs.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers Team now to enquire now.

At Tiger Containers, customisation is key.

We custom modify your container to meet your exact specifications, whether you need temporary accommodation that has all the comforts of home, or a kitchen that's easy to transport. We can do conversions on new and used containers.We look at your needs and tailor-fit your container to suit.

From doors and floors, to fixtures and fittings, we'll give your modified container a makeover that will make it the perfect space for you.

Our high quality, durable sea containers come in a variety of different sizes so you can get the right amount of space, at the right price. Plus, we supply a 3 month on-site warranty service, if anything goes wrong, we'll be there to put it right.

New or used, and with modification options for complete personalisation, there are a lot of reasons to get your hands on a Tiger Containers customised container.

Check out the links above to find out more about what we can do for you.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers team to learn more!


On-site Storage, Shipping Container Offices & Storage Containers

When space is an issue, Tiger Containers can store it for you!

Tiger Containers has two security storage facilities at Tempe and Roselands. Exercise peace of mind and store your shipping container onsite at a secure Tiger Containers storage facility.

Our facilities are

  • 24/7 security cameras
  • Gated
  • Locked

Tiger Containers stocks and supplies new and used shipping containers for all your storage solutions.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers Team now!

More about our On-site Storage facilities

Running out of space? Have items you need to store but nowhere to store them? Look no further than Tiger Containers on-site storage solutions.

Our gated facilities are safe, secure and protected at all times, so you can rest easy knowing your items are in good hands. Plus, with 24/7 security cameras, we've got your storage covered all day and all night.

Our containers are high quality and built to last - the perfect home for the things you need to keep safe, dry and out of the sun.

Going overseas and need to keep your furniture safe while you're gone? Our facilities are a perfect fit. Got some products you need to store until you can move it along in the chain of sale? We can help. Moving house? Let us make it easier on you.

Keep your items in safe hands with Tiger Containers on-site storage facilities.

Here are the great benefits of our on-site storage containers.

  • Our facilities are highly secure, locked and gated with 24/7 security cameras. No need to worry about the safety of your items.
  • Keep your items out of the rain, sun or wind, to prevent the elements from causing damage to your precious goods.
  • We have storage facilities at both Tempe and Roselands. Choose the location that is most convenient for you!

There's nothing better than the peace of mind that comes from a great on-site storage solution. Let us bring you that peace of mind with our reliable on-site storage containers.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers team to learn more!


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