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Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Looking to rent or buy a refrigerated shipping container?

Tiger Containers modifies sea containers and supplies hard frozen or chiller refrigeration for foods or products. We tailor to your requirements, provide you competitive pricing and offer onsite warranty service 24/7. We can offer you Cold shipping containers in a variety of dimensions.

We have modified refrigerated containers available for immediate delivery. Consider hiring or purchasing a quality refrigerated container from Tiger Containers.

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Why Cold Shipping Containers?

Refrigerated containers are primarily used for transporting goods that need to be kept cold at all times, but that's not their only use. Refrigerated containers can also be used as a cool room or a freezer at big functions, temporary locations and events.

Plus, they're easy to transport from place to place, which makes them the perfect choice for migratory markets, as well as many other things. They're super versatile, and at Tiger Containers, we'll tailor your refrigerated container to meet your exact needs. If you're in a hurry, we also have pre-modified containers ready to be delivered.

We can send out your refrigerated shipping container immediately, clean and ready for use.

The Benefits:

  • Our containers are modified to your requirements. Whatever you need, we'll provide.
  • Use it as a walk-in coolroom, a freezer, or use it as refrigerated transport. The choice is yours, and the temperature is completely adjustable.
  • We offer an warranty for the first 3 months. If something goes wrong, we will be there to put it right.
  • Perfect for taking from place to place: stackable, transportable, and can be carted around on the back of a truck.

At Tiger Containers, we have over 30 years of experience converting and modifying cargo containers. Let us use that experience to help you with all your refrigerated shipping container needs.

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On-site Containers, Shipping Container Offices & Storage Containers

Working and Living Onsite? We have quality, cost effective solutions!

Tiger Containers stocks and supplies a large range of custom modified shipping containers. Our conversions include modifications of cargo containers to

Our shipping containers are available in various dimensions and are tailored to your precise requirements. We provide competitive pricing and offer onsite warranty service 24/7.

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More about our on-site shipping containers

Need on-site containers for more than just storing items? Need a space to live, cook and work on a temporary basis? Want all the comforts of home with all the portability of a shipping container? Check out Tiger Containers' wide range of on-site shipping containers.

From cozy and comfortable accommodations to efficient and effective kitchens, we can convert and modify cargo containers to suit your needs. Whether you're getting your home renovated and need a temporary place to sleep, or you're hosting the big company function and need somewhere to prepare the food, we will custom convert your shipping container to meet your requirements.

We handle all the tricky stuff - doors, floors, air conditioning, and all the other fiddly bits - so your on-site shipping container is ready to put into place and use right when it arrives. You can be living and working on-site in no time, with minimum effort.

Plus, with our on-site warranty service, you can rest easy knowing if something goes wrong, we've got you covered.
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