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Buy or Rent Shipping Containers Australia


Whether buying or renting your shipping container, Tiger Containers has a great deal for you!

Tiger Containers stocks and supplies a wide range of quality secure containers for rental and purchase.

Shipping Container Dimensions

We have available a range of sizes:

10 foot20 foot40 foot
External Length 3,100mm 6,058mm 12,192mm
  Width 2,434mm 2,440mm 2,440mm
  Height 2,590mm 2,590mm 2,590mm
Internal Length 2,980mm 5,900mm 12,022mm
  Width 2,330mm 2,345mm 2,345mm
  Height 2,350mm 2,390mm 2,390mm

We also have customised containers, ranging in size from 5 foot up to 40 foot.

You can rent for as little as $3.00 per day.  If you’re looking to buy shipping containers, cut out the wholesaler and buy from Tiger Containers direct! Shipping container purchase and rental is made hassle free with Tiger Containers quality services.

Tiger Containers stocks and supplies new and used containers for all your storage solutions, so if you are looking to buy a cargo container or are interested in renting a container then Contact the friendly Tiger Containers now!


More about renting or buying Shipping Containers from Tiger

At Tiger Containers, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, cost effective and reliable shipping containers for all your needs. Whether you're looking to store some items while you move house, or while you're overseas, or if you just need some extra storage space, we've got you covered.

And not only that, but if you need a space to live or work in, like a temporary bedroom while your apartment is being renovated, or a temporary kitchen to cater for the big end-of-year company do, Tiger Containers can provide the perfect solution for you.

Our containers meet all Australian standards, new or used, and they're ready to be put into use immediately. No need to worry about repairs or fix-ups; we guarantee quality.

Pick up a storage solution for renting or buying today, from our wide range of new and used containers.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers Team to find out more!



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