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Dangerous Goods Storage & Containers

Dangerous goods can be defined as time and temperature sensitive products and can include food, medicine and other perishable items. Tiger Containers specialises in the storage of petro-chemical storage and paint thinners. We understand the importance in maintaining the quality and integrity of your products and will modify shipping containers to meet your exact requirements.

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More about Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

There are a lot of regulations around the transportation and storage of dangerous goods, and with good reason: it's important to keep time and temperature sensitive items safe when being secured down for transit or storage, whether it's paint thinners or liquid propellant.

Dangerous Goods Storage Container

Our dangerous goods storage containers are highly durable and built for safety. We understand how important it is to maintain the quality of your goods while also keeping them sheltered and secure, and our containers are designed for maximum protection.

Our containers meet all Australian standards, so you can rest easy knowing your storage facilities fulfil all requirements and regulations.

Here are the great benefits of our dangerous goods containers.

  • Maintain the integrity of your goods whilst in storage. Our containers are designed to house time and temperature sensitive items without any loss of quality.
  • Tiger Containers specialises in petro-chemical storage and the storage of paint-thinners. We have the experience to give you the best.
  • Your goods will be safe in a Tiger Containers dangerous goods storage container. All of our shipping containers meet Australian regulations.

We'll make sure your goods are kept in top quality condition.

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