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Shipping Containers for Sale: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia-wide

Tiger Containers is your one stop shop for shipping containers – for sale, hire or modification.  We supply new or used containers.

As market leaders providing quality containers in Australia, Tiger Containers stocks and supplies the largest range of new and used general steel shipping containers. Container sizes range from 10 foot (3m), to 20 foot (6m) to 40 foot (12m). We also have customised containers, ranging in size from 5 foot, up to 40 foot. Our specialised containers – including refrigeration containers, flatracks containers, open top containers, Bolsters and high cube containers – are available in both 20 foot and 40 foot.

For over 30 years, Tiger Containers has specialised in shipping supply. All Tiger Containers are secure custom shipping containers and we can provide new or second hand containers.

Popular Uses For Shipping Containers

1.    Housing.
The simple, boxy nature of the shipping container makes it perfect for constructing houses. Whether you want to create a small dwelling from a single container or a larger home from multiple stacked and adjoined containers, cargo containers make it easy to do so.

2.    Car storage/ garage.
Are you in need of extra space to store your car? The cargo container provides a perfect solution thanks to its affordability and resistant steel build. It offers a solution that is cheaper than paying for a car storage facility or building an extension to your existing garage. A shipping container will keep your car safe from unpredictable weather, theft, and vandalism. You can use this kind of garage either as temporary or long term fix.
shipping container garage

3.    Pop-up shop.
A shop constructed from a shipping container is nearly as reliable as one made from traditional materials with the added advantage of portability. You can transport this kind of shop anywhere without having to remove the contents which gives you the capability to take your shop wherever you want.

4.    Shed.
Need some extra space at home for your projects? A Sea container can easily be converted into a shed for use as a home office or workshop. Since very few modifications are needed for this kind of transformation, you can take this up as a DIY project.

5.    Granny flat.
Whether you require some extra space for your child, a place to rent out to boost your income or a guest house, a granny flat offers the easiest way to add that extra room to your home. Using a Shipping container to build it will reduce construction work and keep construction costs low.

6.    On-site storage.
Finding a place to store items on site can be a bit of a challenge. But not anymore. A sea container with very few modifications can provide the perfect store for materials and equipment on site keeping them safe from pilferage and the elements. After all, keeping things safe is what containers do best.

7.    On-site Office.
The nature of the shipping container makes it perfect for creating on-site office space. It is strong enough to provide adequate security for items stored inside, and its portability means that it can easily be transported to another site once the job is done.

8.    Portable toilet.
A Cargo container is perfect for constructing a portable toilet for events and on-site use. The containers large size will enable you to build a complete ablution block with all the washroom amenities in one structure while still retaining mobility.

9.    Swimming pool.
Swimming is a great way to exercise while still having fun. But the cost of installing a swimming pool at home prevents a lot of people from owning this useful facility. A Shipping container can easily be converted into a pool at a fraction of the cost of installing a regular pool.

10.    Kitchen.
With a few modifications, a sea container can be converted into a light-duty or commercial kitchen for use either on the grid or off the grid.

Tiger containers (one of the biggest suppliers of new and used shipping containers in Australia) provides quality Cargo containers for use on your project at competitive prices. Read more about our shipping container modifications.

Onsite Storage

Tiger Containers also offers onsite shipping container storage at various secure locations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia-wide.

Shipping containers are shipped from our depots in

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New and Used Shipping Containers for all your Storage Solutions. Read More


New and Used Shipping Containers for all your Storage Solutions. Read More


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